It is generally believed that a stationary light or a very long pulse (several hundreds of ms or longer) is needed to measure HIT® or similar high-efficiency PV modules. Kyoshin, however, has jointly developed an innovative test method, called the “KOPEL Method,” with Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).By incorporating this KOPEL Method, the KSX-2012HM System is able to accurately measure IV of high-efficiency PV modules such as HIT® using both dark and illuminated IV data. Our IV data using a 50-ms pulse show very good agreement with the IV data measured for a long sweep time of 1000 ms under a stationary light source: the deviation is just 0.2-0.3%. Moreover, the KSX-2012HM System achieves extremely high throughput with the shortest emission interval of approx. 15 seconds.

System Configuration

The KSX-2012HM Module Test System consists of:

  • KSX-2012HM Pulse Solar Simulator Light Source
  • KSX-2012HM Pulse Solar Simulator Power Supply
  • KST-P80MO IV Measuring Unit (KOPEL Method)
  • KSW-01F Measurement Program
KSX-2012HM System Configuration


  • High-precision IV Measuring Unit
    • Capable of measuring IV of high-efficiency PV modules at high precision with a short pulse light of 50 ms
    • Compact design achieved by using an upward lighting pulse solar simulator mounted with the KOPEL Method
    • Minimizes measurement error caused by a temperature rise
  • Accurate and Stable Pulse Solar Simulator
    • Achieves a spectral match within ±20% of the global standard spectrum AM-1.5G
    • Use of a single lamp as well as the proprietary uniformity adjustment method allows non-uniformity of irradiance within ±2%
    • Almost zero spectral non-uniformity is achieved by using a single lamp and a special AM filter
    • A perfect test system for in-line use, because it uses upward emission that requires no inversion of PV modules
    • The optics requires no adjustment
    • Reduced lamp replacement frequency, which lowers the maintenance cost while enhancing the throughput
  • Shortest emission interval of approx. 15 seconds allows dramatic increase in the throughput

IV Measurement with Newly Developed KOPEL Method and Pmax Data

We at Kyoshin Electric and AIST jointly developed the KOPEL Method, which can measure high-efficiency (high-capacitance) PV modules very accurately using a short pulse. (Patent pending in Japan, USA, Germany, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, and Korea)

This KOPEL method measures three types of IV modes in dark status and pulse-on status (50- ms pulse), and can calculate accurate IV curve using these data. Because the module is exposed to short 50-ms pulses, there Is minimal temperature increase. The KOPEL Method enables accurate measurement, low maintenance cost, and high throughput.

KSX−2012HM Solar Module Test System Specifications

(1) KSX-2012HM Pulse Solar Simulator Light Source Unit
Effective Irradiated Area 1900 mm x 1400 mm; 1900 mm x 1200 mm; 900 mm x 1000 mm 
* An effective irradiated area other than the above is also available upon request.
Effective Pulse Width 60 ms
Performance Class AAA (JIS C8912, C8922, IEC60904-9)
Spectral Distribution AM1.5G
Spectral Match Within ±20% (JIS C8912, C8922, IEC60904-9)
*Measured at 9 points in the effective irradiated area
Irradiation Non-uniformity Within ±2% measured at the full surface of the effective irradiated area on a 6-inch PV cell
Temporal Instability Within ±1%
Irradiance 1000 W/m2
Lamp Straight-tube xenon flash lamp
Lamp Life One million pulses (average), 500,000 pulses (guaranteed)
Dimensions Approx. W 2600 mm x D1800-2200 mm x H 1000 mm
Weight 1250 kg
(2) KSX-2012HM Pulse Solar Simulator Power Supply Unit
Pulse Interval Min.15 seconds
Manual Operation Power ON/OFF, Output Adjustment, Manual Emission Test
Safety Devices Power Input Breaker, Panel Cover Interlock, Overheat Protection
Connection Power Input, Output to Power Supply, Trigger Signal Input from Measuring Unit, Trigger Signal Output to Power Supply
Input Power Three-phase 200 V, 50/60 Hz、9 kVA
Dimensions Approx. W 1200 mm x D1000 mm x H 1500 mm
Weight Approx. 1000 kg
(3) KST-P80MO IV Measuring Unit (Using the KOPEL Method)
Voltage/Current Range -80 V to 80 V/-15 A to 15 A
Accuracy 0.2% FS
Measuring Speed 100 µs/point
Dimensions Approx. W 570 mm x D 700 mm x H 680 mm
Power Single-phase 200 to 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
(4) KST-01F Measurement Program
Measuring ItemsIsc, Jsc, Voc, Pmax, FF, Rs, Rsh, Iv, Vi, Efficiency, Temperature
Operating SystemWindows XP, 32-bit/64-bit Windows 7

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